ALA: You Know FRBR, But Have You Ever Met FRAD

The meeting that I most regret missing at ALA is You Know FRBR, But Have You Ever Met FRAD.  I found an excellent write-up on the LITA Blog.  Being new to blogging, I’m having trouble quoting a large portion or the report, so I will just highlight the second speaker, Ed Jones, National University Library in San Diego, California.

Jones’ personal interest in the FRAD model comes from his view that it would help him think about authority data in new ways just as FRBR helped him think of bibliographic data in new ways. He quoted Bernard Shaw to express this view better: “You see things and say ‘Why?’ but I dream things that never were and I say ‘Why not?” His explorations of what the DNB and are doing with authority data and control numbers (not to be confused with Identifiers) are especially very interesting.

Hopefully Ed Jones will write up and publish this presentation, as he did with his ALA presentation from 2004, reported on here.

The other speakers were Glenn Patton, repeating the presentation I mentioned in my previous post, and Athena Salaba, Kent State University, with an introduction to FRASAR (Functional Requirements for Subject Authority Records)

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