Identity and attributes

I’ve been pondering what information is presented with a name and what information must be sought elsewhere since my announcement of this blog was signed with only my name and no other identifying information.  On AUTOCAT, where it is customary but not required to use a signature file, the announcement caused a flurry of posts about my identity and my credentials.  As far as I know, I am the only Lois Reibach in the world, but my niece is also lreibach and she has taken that identity in a number of online services.  What I have finally come to understand is that I did not include any Attributes of a Person as defined by FRAD section 4.1.  Probably the most important attributes in this case are:

  • Affiliation
  • Field of activity
  • Profession/occupation

These attributes are all additions to those identified in FRBR.  So perhaps my marketing was lacking, but I have now been afforded the opportunity to look closer at the language of FRBR and FRAD, because at first I was looking at the task of identifying, which is where I learned that attributes were needed.


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