Experimental Spanish version of LCSH

An alert just brought me news that there is a new version of lcsh-es.org LC Subject Headings in Spanish can be searched here and is described as:

This an experimental Spanish-English/English-Spanish list of subject headings. Please use it with caution! The data is not completely current a much of it has not been checked thoroughly. For more information see the Sources and About pages.

I think this source would have been helpful to students in the hispanic theology program at my former institution that couldn’t always think of the correct term to search in English.

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3 Comments on “Experimental Spanish version of LCSH”

  1. Robert Says:

    I attended a session at PLA 2008 that addressed lchs-es.org.

    The title of the session was “Bilingual Subject Access for the 21st Century”.

    The following are my notes for the session:

    Michael Kreyche (Digital Resource Development Specialist and Associate Professor at Kent State University) the force behind “LC Subject Headings in Spanish” or http://www.lchs-es.org spoke on the importance of adding Spanish subject headings to bibliographic records for Spanish titles. Mr. Kreyche mentioned the title “SALSA de Tópicos = Subjects in SALSA” as an excellent book on the topic of serving Spanish-speaking users

    The goals of lchs-es.org are:
    • Providing a freely available, current, comprehensive as possible, and helpful resource for Spanish language subject access
    • Providing a collaborative environment
    • Providing a database of Spanish subject headings which are MARC based

    The new version of lchs-es.org (will be implemented in the spring of 2008) will feature:
    • New interactivity functionality (authority records for most subject headings, cross references)
    • Enhanced searching capability
    • Community based collaboration
    • Login will be required

    The session was interesting and helpful; we are already currently using lchs-es.org to supplement Bilindex terms and it was insightful to hear an update on new features lchs-es.org will add in the future.



  2. Lois Reibach Says:

    Thanks for reporting on the PLA session.

  3. Michael Kreyche Says:

    I’ve just posted my portion of the PLA presentation at http://lcsh-es.org/links.html, along with a poster presented in Mexico last May and a presentation I just made at IFLA. Feel free to comment here or on my blog, blog.lcsh-es.org.


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