Authorities Futures – Thom Hickey presentation

Thom Hickey gave a presentation entitled Authorities Futures at the Libraries Australia Forum 2008.  He blogs about his experience here.  One of the attendees, Paul Hagon, gives his impressions here.  The powerpoint for the talk is available here.  When I was looking at the slides, the one that caught my eye illustrated a function called Worldcat Identities Merge.  I contacted Thom to find out availability and who will be authorized to merge, and received the following response:

The merge function isn’t available yet.  What we will probably do is bring it up on the parallel Identities site we run out of research.  No schedule yet, but probably early 2009.  We are also working on a ‘split’ function, but that has more challenges for the user interface.
To merge you will have to be logged in (we will be using the WebJunction login, which is shared with  Anyone can obtain an account, but this will help us track changes.

I definitely plan on using this function when it is available!

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